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After spending nearly three decades in the Background Screening, Investigations and Intelligence field, Andy Gomez is a sought after Investigator and highly-regarded throughout the industry. He has won several accolades in several fields of investigations and for his profound leadership and exemplary work in Best wrongful death investigator, insurance fraud and litigation support. The largest law firms have used him in cases that have gone up to the supreme court. His commitment to the truth, dependability and work ethic have earned Andy the opportunity to work alongside some of the world’s most renowned investigators, law enforcement personnel, forensic pathologists, forensic psychiatrists, criminal profilers, federal agents and intelligence officers. Andy’s considerable best private investigator and intelligence expertise and significant contributions to our industry have been recognized regionally and on a national level. He has testified in State, Federal, Appellate courts. As a Top Private Investigator he has worked on eleven cases that reached the US Supreme Court , and several at the Appellate Court level. He has assisted in several securities fraud cases over the years.

Andy Gomez extensive knowledge and vast experience in the employment background and investigation field makes him a sought after guest speaker at several law academies and Universities. He has written and presented papers on white collar crime,fraud and money laundering. Andy Gomez is the founder of GPS and Associates, a nationwide pre-employment screening corporation, specializing in Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. He is also the Chief Investigator at Godrej Investigative Services.

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