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eBay, Zoom to cut more jobs

eBay, Zoom to cut more jobs

Here’s what you need to know about where they usually take place and how they’re measured. The colors of painted woolly bats camouflage them as they roost in the dead tip of a banana leaf. In horror films, a bat flying into someone’s hair is the stuff of nightmares. But dead bats, preserved with their wings outstretched and affixed to hair barrettes, are now in demand online. Online shoppers buy painted woolly bats, like this one at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, to display as wall decorations or even to wear as hair clips. The layoffs were due to take place at the eBay campus in South San Jose on Hamilton Avenue and at a company site in a San Francisco tower on Mission Street, the filing stated.

Other than that there is much to complain over as Beaxy seems to be a very complete digital asset exchange. Beaxy offers fiat deposits with Visa, Mastercard, and Bank Transfers. The minimum fiat deposit is $50 and there is no minimum or maximum limit on cryptocurrency withdrawals.


EBAY stock was down slightly following news of the headcount reduction. Over the past 12 months, the company’s share price has declined 16% to trade at $50 a share. “As a result of these considerations and our future-forward plans, I have some hard news to share.

The chart is made by Tradingview which guarantees top-tier charting all the time. The trading interface is customizable and can be moved around as you like. Beaxy is made possible by an exclusive partnership with legacy fintech provider OneMarketData and their OneTick trading engine adapted for cryptocurrency. This makes Beaxy one of the fastest and most featured exchanges ever made. Get started on Beaxy to maintain seamless access to everything that the future of cryptocurrency has to offer.


If so, that would raise further questions about the legality of the bat trade, Coleman says. Moreover, owing to possible disease risks, importing any bat into the U.S. requires permits from the Centers for Disease Control and from the Fish and Wildlife Service, she says. The exchange also incorporates TradingView charts with a full range of technical indicators, and trading analysis, data research, and back-testing services from OneMarketData. Functionality – Beaxy operates as a web-based trading platform, and utilises a simple to use, and intuitive UI. The interface is also customizable and includes scrolling ticker settings for speed, visibility, and favourite pairs. It also incorporates Night and Day modes for around-the-clock trading, TradingView charts with a full range of technical indicators, and a variety of charting colour options.

To transfer funds, you’ll need to click on the “My wallets” tab at the top right of the screen, and select your preferred currency and click on the + icon next to it. You can use the “Take pictures with Smartphone” feature, and both a Driving License and National ID must have both sides uploaded. Smartphone users can click the link at the bottom of the panel to get further instructions via email on how to proceed. To start the KYC verification process, click on your name and select KYC in the drop down menu. Since Beaxy is registered as an MSB in the US they are obliged to keep a reserve fund for their clients. When you trade on the exchange you can rest assured that up to $250,000 of your capital is insured and if the worst-case scenario would ever happens, Beaxy got you covered.


This means after a transfer has been authorized, it cannot be reversed. Because of this feature, it is very important to triple check your withdrawal address after engaging in crypto trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. However, users who choose to pay their trading fees in BXY tokens receive a 50% reduction and pay a fee of 0.1%, and anyone participating in the exchange’s Staking Program can reduce their fees by an additional 25%. Market makers are being encouraged to use the exchange and are exempt from trading fee commissions.

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Beaxy allows you to have multiple wallets for each currency; however, your funds will only be deposited to the wallet set as default, and you can then transfer freely between your internal wallets. After your transfers have been confirmed you are free to trade on the exchange. These include high trade processing speeds, advanced order types, high grade security protocols, loyalty and referral programs and 24/7 customer support. The Beaxy team aim to provide a fully featured exchange that facilitates a comprehensive trading experience and incorporates many of the best features found amongst the current industry leaders. The proprietary scoring system analyzes how much money was required to move the price over the past 24 hours.

However, if you decide to transfer digital assets, the amount can be even smaller. This and much more are available and I understand why so many traders like the platform. It’s easy to use and from the main menu, you have access to features such as trender and signals which are two automatic tools for day traders that help you find new setups that have up to 70% win accuracy. This next-generation digital asset exchange is employing at least 50 persons which makes this a very real operation in terms of the company size and the focus right now is to be able to serve traders in all of the US states.


You have the option to trade crypto on Metatrader 5, you will have your deposit 100% matched up to $500, several fiat currencies are supported for both deposit and withdrawal, algorithmic trading is an option, and AI technology is pretty cool. Crypto makes global trade more accessible – Cryptocurrencies provide an excellent low-barrier channel for international investing. You can invest in projects all over the world starting with the equivalent of a few U.S. dollars. Crypto trading is conducted on cryptocurrency exchanges using decentralized blockchain networks that are maintained and developed by talented entrepreneurs and engineers all over the world. Before cryptocurrency, access to potentially lucrative investments was mostly limited to accredited investors. Now, anyone with virtually any amount of money can invest in innovative products at the ground floor.

EBAY stock appears to be having a muted reaction to news of the layoffs. This could be a sign that investors view eBay’s headcount reduction as not that serious, or that they have become accustomed to announcements of layoffs at major tech firms. Either way, the trend of layoffs in the tech sector shows no signs of stopping soon. The e-commerce company based in San Jose, California announced that it is cutting 500 jobs or about 4% of its workforce. EBay Chief Executive Officer Jamie Iannone said the layoffs were prompted by the current macroeconomic environment and are intended to help the company focus its operations in the months ahead.

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Technology – The exchange makes use of high throughput and low latency database performance capabilities, and Beaxy is able to handle hundreds of thousands of transactions per second with less than 1ms of latency. The platform is also built for long term scaling, and includes functions to mitigate demand spikes, as well as automated scaling and resource balancing features. Beaxy was also built in collaboration with OneMarketData and incorporates its trading analysis, data research, surveillance and back-testing services. Beaxy will match your first deposit with a $500 cryptocurrency welcome deposit bonus. This means that when you make the first deposit you will double your capital immediately and all of it is yours to trade with.

  • Select the currency you wish to pay with and the amount you’d like to spend.
  • Since it launched in 2009, the original cryptocurrency has provided average annualized returns of 230%.
  • From here you can click the Mati “Verify me” button, and choose your preferred language.
  • This allows Beaxy to provide solutions for high frequency traders and the platform is designed to scale and is already able to handle 225,000 transactions per second.

It’s worth noting that users from the USA are currently not eligible to access the Loyalty Rewards program or obtain the PLS token in any way. The editorial team of Trading Browser is required to use first-hand sources to collect and share information regarding the businesses we promote. Among these sources, you will find LinkedIn profiles, Trustpilot reviews, Crunchbase, Sitejabber https://forexbroker-listing.com/ ratings, whitepapers, government reports, and other reputable sources. Below is a shared list of the article sources used for this review. Second, click “withdraw crypto” or “withdraw fiat” in the left menu depending on your preferred withdrawal currency. Another useful tool is the daily winners on the home page where you can easily scan the daily winners of all coins available.

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Beaxy gives you access to exclusive trading tools and a mobile trading experience that is unmatched across the industry. While using the Beaxy platform in a web browser, Signals are provided to you for free based on market data that is compiled and used to generate charts with professional-grade technical analysis that has a 70% win rate when backtested. The Signals provided on Beaxy allow you to view various crypto market strategies without the elements of human emotion or error coming into play.

Account Suddenly “Nonexistent”, No Reply from Team

Over the next 24 hours, we’ll be letting approximately 500 employees globally know that their jobs will be eliminated. There is no easy way to communicate this — but I do want to share with you why we are making this decision,” Iannone wrote. Although many of the online ads the IUCN team saw were for painted woolly bats , hundreds weren’t. The team is working to find out whether any other listed bats are species, such as flying foxes, that are protected under the U.S. Endangered Species Act or under CITES, the treaty that regulates the global wildlife trade.

Although cryptocurrencies make the transfer and storage of money much simpler, the world enabled by blockchain does not end there. The next exciting economic innovation in this space surrounds the topic of cryptocurrency contracts. Cryptocurrencies that live on the Ethereum network, for example, can allow for self-executing, decentralized contracts which can be programmed to require multiple third-party approvals such as notaries, lawyers, and engineers. Decentralized contracts add a trustless tool to your financial repertoire and drive higher productivity. The daily functioning of these contracts can be observed in the area of decentralized finance.


The fiat currency holdings in each Beaxy Exchange account are insured up to $250,000. Due to its relative youth, Beaxy may be best suited to people with a good understanding of trading digital assets and using exchanges, although the platform is set out in a way that makes it easy for new users to get acquainted. The exchange also incorporates the ERC20 BXY Token which allows users to participate in staking in order to receive a 50% discount on trading fees.

Most people offering bat products online appear to be in the U.S., she says. Last October alone, more than 500 listings of dead bats appeared on Etsy, and 71 on eBay; a few ran on other platforms. Many of the advertisements mentioned Halloween tie-ins, and some touted dead bats as Christmas gifts, according to new, unpublished research from an International Union for Conservation of Nature bat research group that Coleman co-leads. Funds obtained by the Canadian nonprofit Monitor supported the team’s ongoing trade analysis.

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